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SPACE GARBAGE CO: VOLUME 1.5, Black Hole Edition <DIR>

Space Garbage CO Volume 1.5 Black Hole Edition is an expanded volume of longer instrumentals for easy listening and focus music.

The goal of this album was to make long instrumentals that are easy to zone out to, but also give you moments of inspiration and uplift.

Volume 1.5 has been streaming through space since January 13, 2024.



Space Garbage CO is also a music project created by Eli Kent (Infinite Signal, Forgotten Friends). In January of 2020 I was playing in my punk band Infinite Signal with my wife in San Diego, CA. We had just had a pretty major CD release party for our new EP, Love Me Not, when the pandemic hit and the world came to a grinding halt. Over the next couple of years, with music in Limbo, my wife and I decided to move to Colorado to pursue other interests. Soon after, I began playing around with music again. SGC started in 2022 as an experiment to combine my love for music and space.

Volume 1 has been streaming through space since January 13, 2023.


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